Distribution centre Viškovci

Distribution centre Viškovci is equipped with the most modern lines for sorting and confectioning of grappolo tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as a line for packing cocktail tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, strawberries and other berries. The grappolo tomato sorting line is directly connected to the greenhouse by an automatic track, which ensures the shortest possible period of optimal storage and fast delivery of freshly harvested vegetables.

OSATINA d.o.o.

U više od 25 godina postigli smo savršeno zaokružen koncept proizvodnje vođen znanjem i kompetencijom, modernom tehnologijom, kvalitetom i održivim razvojem.


Grobljanska 70
Viškovci, Hrvatska
Tel: +385 (0)31 856 999
Fax: +385 (0)31 856 045
E-mail: osatina@osatina.hr