Quality policy

OSATINA wants to further develop, apply and permanently. improve the quality system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 at the company level, and the HACCP system in the part of meat, milk and animal feed production.

In agricultural industry, we still want to be the leader of our region. Daily communication with customers, knowledge of each individual economy involved in business, ensures us with a secure business and a solid position in the region.
We constantly care about improving our products, services and business processes. We will strive to create lasting relationships with customers, based on meeting and overcoming their needs by seeking optimal complete solutions.
Quality is created in every workplace – in production, distribution, management. All company employees are involved in achieving quality policy goals and have primary responsibility for the quality of their own work, in accordance with the established responsibilities and authorizations. The desire to win and teamwork puts the constant improvement of the efficiency of the management system at the centre of our activities. We strive to be the best at what we do, focusing on what is important to building our business, brands and people.

Constant control, elimination of causes of non-quality and implementation of preventive measures, which includes constant training, modern technique and technology, modern organization and management methods, lead to desired quality level and improvement.
A decision on the introduction and application of the quality system was made as an expression of a permanent commitment for business according to the principles of international standards. We apply the quality policy in order to increase the reputation of the company, and to achieve a working environment in which expertise, creativity and satisfaction reign.
We have recognized new strategic goals, which are: modern technological processes, quality raw materials and products, knowledge and expertise, and business according to the principles of sustainable development by communicating systematically through all business processes.
Therefore, in order to rationally use the best energy sources and raw materials, by managing waste and meeting international standards, Osatina initiates new projects towards achieving these permanent goals.
With such production rounding, we raise the system to a new dimension by which we become environmentally conscious, and thus closer to end users.

OSATINA d.o.o.

U više od 25 godina postigli smo savršeno zaokružen koncept proizvodnje vođen znanjem i kompetencijom, modernom tehnologijom, kvalitetom i održivim razvojem.


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