Meat processing

The meat processing plant, located on 3380 m2 of production space, is equipped with modern technology that ensures proper control of all technological processes.

With its production of durable, semi-durable and blanched products, fresh and minced meat and minced meat preparations, our goal is to position ourselves on the market as a quality leader. We base and achieve such a vision with quality and a controlled rounded production process from our farm to your table. We ensured control of the entire process by implementing a modern traceability system that communicates data through barcodes from the input of raw materials and production materials to the final product.

As a food products producer, we are aware of our responsibility and role in society, so the direction of our development is closely and indivisibly related to food quality and safety.

In 2018, we were certified according to the International Featured Standards, which confirms that with the use of state-of-the-art meat processing technologies, we can offer our customers top quality products of exceptional quality that are enjoyed, as Vero slogan says – “to the last bite!”.

The entire round of production ends also on the shelves of our customers as well as in our own retail stores, which are reached by our own transport.

OSATINA d.o.o.

U više od 25 godina postigli smo savršeno zaokružen koncept proizvodnje vođen znanjem i kompetencijom, modernom tehnologijom, kvalitetom i održivim razvojem.


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