Osatina Group d.o.o. vehicle fleet consists of vehicles from leading European manufacturers whose performances meet high quality criteria, practicality and functionality, which enables us to carry out any transport task.

The company’s vehicle fleet consists of: 10 Volvo, Mercedes, Scania tugboats with a load capacity of up to 25 t, 1 smaller one up to 7 t and a VW Crafter delivery vehicle up to 1 t, the following semi-trailers: 2 Schmitz refrigerated storeroom semi-trailers up to 25 t for transporting vegetables from our own production to shopping centres all over Croatia, semi-trailer Schmitz and Krona for the transport of palletized goods, dump trucks for the transport of bulk goods, 2 milk tanks up to 30,000 L, a tank for livestock feed, Fliegl tanks for the transport of manure and push trailers for the transport of hay, silage, grain, humus and other bulk goods.

We are in the phase of renewal and expansion of the vehicle fleet with a large number of new tugboats, dump trucks, milk tankers and semi-trailers for the transport of pallet goods, as well as a delivery truck for capillary distribution of up to 7 t load capacity, responding in this way to the challenges of arable and livestock production, and hydroponic cultivation from our own greenhouse.


The greatest value is our drivers who are highly motivated, qualified, with a professional work approach, punctual and respect the strict EU norms of rest and working hours. Our goal is to provide top logistics service and meet all the needs of users within the company, as well as our business partners, whose needs we respond to by providing them with the opportunity to be efficient and competitive on the market.
Responsible business is one of our fundamental principles, aware of the preservation of the environment, ensuring good working conditions for our drivers in new vehicles equipped with engines of the highest eco standard and other comfort equipment. ISO 9001 and HACCP certificates are the proof of our serious approach and the fact that we pay particular attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of vehicles, and the continuous education of the staff in response to increasingly demanding business partners. Continuous growth and development is an indispensable part of our business policy, and the results are reflected in successful business.

OSATINA d.o.o.

U više od 25 godina postigli smo savršeno zaokružen koncept proizvodnje vođen znanjem i kompetencijom, modernom tehnologijom, kvalitetom i održivim razvojem.


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