Since 2013, the Osatina Group has owned silos in Đurđevac in addition to the silo in Semeljci. In
In addition to the silos themselves, most of our locations also provide drying and storage services for grains and oilseeds.

Silo Semeljci

Silo Semeljci has reception capacities and a dryer for storing and drying all types of grains and oilseeds.
The receiving dry and storage facilities are intended for the storage of grains and oilseeds of our own and subcontracted production.
The service activity of drying and storage of grains and oilseeds is also carried out with a total capacity of receiving silos, in Semeljci and Ivankovo, 17,300 t and floor warehouses in Viškovci, Gorjani, Budimci, Mrzović and Josipovci Punitovački, 13,200 t.

Trading in oilseeds and grains provides raw materials of exceptional quality, needed by long-term business partners and for forage factory, which is then directly reflected in the high quality and competitive price of our final products.

Silo Đurđevac

Silo Đurđevac has been owned by the Osatina Group since June 2013. There are two facilities at the location, the first with a capacity of 12,000 tons built in 1975, and the second with a capacity of 10,000 tons built in 1990, which makes a total capacity of 22,000 tons.
Various types of arable crops are stored from our own land or purchased from the surrounding area.

  • Receiving capacity through suction basket from 40 to 60 tons/hour
  • Wagon loading 45 to 50 tons/hour
  • Silo exit – free fall 25 tons/hour
  • Dryer – 50 tons/hour, direct, gas

Within the silo there is also a livestock feed factory with a production capacity of 100 tons/day where 18 cells are used for large components, 6 cells for micro components, 4 packaging lines. In the silos, there are also 9 intermediate cells for storing livestock feed components. Reconstruction of the existing facility and equipment upgrading.

OSATINA d.o.o.

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