Humus production

Osatina Group placed a line of products FLORASAN – substrates for flowers and garden by rounding up agricultural production and developing a new project.

There are many factors that affect the health and beauty of plants, and along with the quality of seedlings, the quality of earth is certainly one of the greatest. The production and placement of Florasan substrate started due to the fact that we have high-value inputs, technology and expert knowledge.

In a rounded production process, after the fermentation process in a biogas plant, a solid part of the organic matter is formed, which is stored and processed. Then follows the treatment of processing this substance into high-value humus. Using specific technology and plants, the aerobic decomposition of organic substrate is supported, and with the processes of mixing certain carefully selected decaying organic materials (white peat, micro elements) and humidification high-value humus is produced.

The basic raw material consists of processed compost obtained by processing organic mass from our locations. High-value peat is added to the raw material with the addition of several elements, depending on the requirements of the recipe and the needs of the plant.
Humus application as an earthen substrate-improver is present in the cultivation of indoor and balcony herbs, as well as vegetables. Our goal is to make Florasan substrates the most desirable choice for consumers with the optimal price-quality ratio.

Currently, Osatina offers three types of substrates:

  • Universal substrate
  • Substrate for balcony and indoor plants
  • Vegetable substrate
  • Florasan – flower soil

Rich experience, modern technology, innovation, flexibility and fast interrupted supply of quality material as well as the possibility of using our own organic waste ensures us the position of the leading producer of fertile substrates.

Constant investment in education and trend following as well as constant analysis of incoming raw materials gives added value to our service and makes us a reliable partner.

With our name, we guarantee balanced quality of our products. Therefore, we believe that the combination of our experience and knowledge is a good starting point for creating numerous and interesting projects.

Teamwork and love for plants are just some of the main characteristics of our business spirit.


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