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As producers of natural apple juice and assorted packaged fruits and vegetables, we are aware of our responsibility and our role in society, so the direction of our development is closely and indivisibly related to the quality and safety of food with everything in accordance with our business orientation and ethical principles of all employees.

That includes:

  • NFocus on the customer
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Ethical and personal responsibility
  • Product requirements (safety, quality, product and process legality).

The refrigerated storeroom has a total capacity of 4,300 tons. The base of the refrigerated storeroom is made of steel construction, covered with thermal insulation panels.

Altogether, the refrigerated storeroom has 22 ULO chambers, of which one is a DCA chamber.

ULO equipment is used to regulate CO2 and O2 levels in the chambers, as well as to monitor their values during storing. The parameters are automatically and daily measured on the computer.

The chambers and the packaging are cleaned and disinfected before storage. Before closing the product in the chambers, a gas tightness test is performed.

The entry of the product, as well as its storage and exit, is supervised by a technologist employed in the refrigerated storeroom.

The output of the finished product to customers is carried out by loading it into trucks on loading/unloading ramps.


The juice production process begins with the reception of raw materials, packaging (3 or 5 L) and supplements.

On the sorting line, the apple is washed and then goes to the sorting belt. From the sorting belt, the apple goes through the mill, after which the pump pushes it through a flexible hose to the press.

By pressing the pulp, we separate the juice from the solid part of the apple, which goes to waste, and send the juice to the container. In accordance with the prescribed recipe, 0.005 to 0.010% of vitamin C is added to the container with freshly squeezed cloudy juice as an antioxidant. After the container is filled, it is pasteurized at a temperature of 80 degrees for a bag in box. After pasteurization and filling the appropriate packaging, at a speed of 400 L/h, the juice is taken for a rapid cooling in cooling chambers at 20C. It remains in the chamber until the product is packed for the customer.

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